Are your trains and tracks compatible with other brands?
Yes! They are compatible with most other wooden train brands, including Thomas, Chuggington, and Brio.

Do you ship outside the United States?
We are still working on the capacity to offer international shipping and we expect to have this option later in 2015. For now, we are only shipping to US addresses.

What are your shipping rates?
We currently have a flat rate shipping/handling fee of $7.95 per order, free on orders over $60.

When can I expect to receive my order, do you offer express/expedited shipping?
Currently we only offer ground shipping, typically through USPS. Orders may take one to three business days to ship and three to five days in transit. It likely would not take two weeks to receive an order, but it would be prudent to allow for it if the timing is important (birthdays, holidays, baby showers).

Will I receive a shipment confirmation?
Yes, when your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email.

What is your return policy?
We guarantee the quality of our wooden products for life. Should they fail at any time, email orders@playroomnaturals.com for instructions. The product will either be repaired or replaced. If product is discontinued, replacement will be of similar product.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our product and offer a 30 day return policy to back this up. Should you become dissatisfied with your product within 30 days, email orders@playroomnaturals.com for return instructions. We will issue a refund when the returned product is received and approved.

Note that we do not refund shipping costs and returned items will need to be shipped to us postage paid.

Product Finish Information:

  • Dye Stains: These are water/alcohol based stains, specially made for dip finishing, which is the least wasteful application process. These are in a variety of colors and are primarily used on our NameTrain line. We typically overcoat with urethane to prevent bleeding when wet.
  • Enamel: A lot of our round parts have a hard, colored coating. This is a tumbled-on enamel, a solvent-based finish. Most of our colored wheels and colored rattle parts are finished this way.
  • Lacquer: Nitrocellulose lacquer is an age-old spray finish that provides a hard, shiny, paint-like coating. It can be clear or opaque bright colors. Historically used for Montgomery Schoolhouse products, though some are being shifted to other coating types. Lacquer is a petroleum-based finish.
  • Nothing at all: Yes, no finish at all, as seen on our new Schoolhouse Naturals line. With an enormous number of queries about all our finishes, we thought we would try a line that has had all of the finish concerns removed. So far, we've seen great interest.
  • Tung oil: A centuries-old finish, made from the oil in the nut of the tung tree. Our version is all natural, with pure polymerized tung oil, a citrus-derived solvent and beeswax. We use this on some rattle parts and on the finished natural classic trucks. This finish is being phased out in favor of Natural Oil.
  • Natural Oil: New to us, this is an FDA approved plant oil based finish, often used on kitchenwares. No allergenic nuts are used. This is a true oil finish and does not shine nor set really hard. It does, however, leave a rich amber appearance on our wood.
  • Urethane: Another dip finish, more specifically called oil-modified urethane varnish, not a polyurethane. It is a clear finish, using a mineral spirit solvent. This finish takes a little extra time to cure and products may retain an odor until unwrapped—especially during the busy season.
  • Whey: Utilizing a byproduct of the cheese-making process, this was developed by the University of Vermont and now produced by Vermont Natural Coatings of Hardwick, VT. We use this finish on our oval rattle ends and an increasing number of other rattle parts.